Serving the Master

Serving the Master by Paul Bielaczyc - Some fun cthulhu cat art!
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From the Artist

Serving the Master, my first Cthulhu Cat art, was originally drawn as part of a panel called “Charity Art Jam” at MidSouthCon. At this panel, artists are given a mystery prompt, and have 2 hours to make an original piece of art that will be sold at auction for charity.

When we showed up that year, the theme was Cthulhu or Lovecraftian. I immediately started drawing a big monstrous beast. As time wound down, I realized that while monsters are fun to draw, they don’t raise a lot of money for charity… but you know what does. Kittens.

So I stuck a little happy kitten in the corner, made the monster pet him, and well… it did very well for charity. As for the title, you don’t even have to be a cat owner to know who is the Master in this drawing. There is no doubt at all.

The gentleman that won the auction let me snap a quick photo, and prints were soon available to everyone that lost the bidding war against him. And in 2022, I did a version 2 featuring a black kitty. And I am sure that someone will soon request a Calico, and a Tabby, and a…

More about the art

Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by the horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. He first appeared in the short story “The Call of Cthulhu”, published in 1928. Cthulhu is described as a huge creature with an octopus-like head, a scaly body, wings, and claws. He is one of the Great Old Ones, a race of ancient beings that came to Earth from outer space before humanity. Cthulhu sleeps in a sunken city called R’lyeh in the Pacific Ocean, and he can communicate with his cultists through dreams. He is said to be so terrifying that anyone who sees him will lose their sanity. Cthulhu is part of a larger mythology known as the Cthulhu Mythos, which has inspired many other writers and artists.

This art piece by Paul Bielaczyc is a captivating blend of the whimsical and the eerie. It features a large, ominous creature with tentacles reminiscent of an octopus or squid, its body morphing into a grotesque form that evokes both fascination and unease. The creature’s tentacles are detailed with intricate lines, giving them a lifelike quality. In stark contrast, a small, innocent cat sits nearby, seemingly unbothered by the looming presence of the creature. The cat’s fur is rendered with delicate strokes that capture its softness and purity. Set against a muted background, this artwork encapsulates an enigmatic narrative that invites viewers to explore the juxtaposition between light and dark, innocence and menace.

About Paul Bielaczyc

Portrait of Paul Bielaczyc

I have been drawing and whatnot since as long as I can remember.  Any spot in my school notebooks that didn’t have notes were filled with sketches. I drew mostly from the D&D adventures that my brother ran, as well as the fantasy books I was reading. I did a few pieces based on Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, but focusing on being a nerd, I didn’t have much time for art in high school.


When I got to college I dual majored in Computer Science and Art History. Minoring in Studio Art, I took as many art classes as my schedule allowed. I seemed to be pursuing a career in art or art education, but decided to try graduate school in Computer Science.  Graduating in 2004 with a Master’s in CS, but again switched paths and returned to my art interests. Mike, my brother, and I co-own Aradani Studios, a costuming and art company that we founded in 2002. We travel mostly in the Southeast United States, to various conventions and Renaissance Festivals, selling our art, and our ears.


I currently call Nashville, TN my home, and don’t see that changing for quite some time. This is where my friends, my family, and my career is. When I first posted this bio, I said that, “I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.” Well, in those 4 years that I wrote that, I think I have found my calling. At the age of 26, I won the most prestigious fantasy art award there is, the Chesley Award. Mike and I have slowly but steadily grown this business into something that now employs other people! And most importantly, I love what I do, and I truly enjoy being able to talk about my art with people, and have a dialogue with them.

And I owe all of this to my brother. Without him, I don’t know where I would be today, but it wouldn’t be here. And I hope he always remembers that I am grateful to him.

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