Epic Fail

Epic Fail by Paul Bielaczyc
Epic Fail Art Print

RPG Dice Art

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From the Artist

This is the eighth piece in my Gesture series, a series of works that use imagery of my own hands. I start with a basic concept, one that by definition is concise and easily understood. However, these concepts often are viewed differently by each of us, as our experiences and point of view greatly affect our interpretation and personal meaning of these ideas. From this simple concept, I use the images of hands to build upon the idea and make it my own.

Epic Fail is designed to work as a bookend piece to Critical, where the two pieces are mirrored in such a way to compliment one another when hung. Critical is an homage to everyone who enjoys playing a certain game in their basements. My brother introduced me to the world of Dungeons & Dragons when I was about 10 years old. I have tried my hand at leading sessions with others, but for me, playing one of my brother’s campaigns is the most exciting and fun. I am also a very big fan of M.C. Escher’s work, and this is also a tribute to him, and his influence on my art. 

Epic Fail came about because of a large number of customers that wanted to purchase Critical for their gaming friends. However, many of these people felt that since their friends always rolled so poorly during their gaming sessions, that buying them Critical would simply be a mockery. I asked them, “what I should do for such an instance?” and the overwelling answer was I needed a piece featuring a die with a 1. I replied, wouldn’t that also be mocking to your friends? To which they replied, yes, but it will be funny.

So I did.

About Paul Bielaczyc

Portrait of Paul Bielaczyc

I have been drawing and whatnot since as long as I can remember.  Any spot in my school notebooks that didn’t have notes were filled with sketches. I drew mostly from the D&D adventures that my brother ran, as well as the fantasy books I was reading. I did a few pieces based on Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, but focusing on being a nerd, I didn’t have much time for art in high school.


When I got to college I dual majored in Computer Science and Art History. Minoring in Studio Art, I took as many art classes as my schedule allowed. I seemed to be pursuing a career in art or art education, but decided to try graduate school in Computer Science.  Graduating in 2004 with a Master’s in CS, but again switched paths and returned to my art interests. Mike, my brother, and I co-own Aradani Studios, a costuming and art company that we founded in 2002. We travel mostly in the Southeast United States, to various conventions and Renaissance Festivals, selling our art, and our ears.


I currently call Nashville, TN my home, and don’t see that changing for quite some time. This is where my friends, my family, and my career is. When I first posted this bio, I said that, “I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.” Well, in those 4 years that I wrote that, I think I have found my calling. At the age of 26, I won the most prestigious fantasy art award there is, the Chesley Award. Mike and I have slowly but steadily grown this business into something that now employs other people! And most importantly, I love what I do, and I truly enjoy being able to talk about my art with people, and have a dialogue with them.

And I owe all of this to my brother. Without him, I don’t know where I would be today, but it wouldn’t be here. And I hope he always remembers that I am grateful to him.

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