Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods by Paul Bielaczyc Zelda Artwork
Lost in the Woods Art Print

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From the Artist

About the Piece:

A few years ago, I made a piece titled “A Hero Awaits” during a panel at JordanCon called the “Charity Art Jam.” I always liked the piece, but was a little disappointed that I had only 2 hours to complete the piece. I just never felt that I was able to give the piece the attention the subject (my favorite video game) deserved. 

Flash forward to 2020, I had started playing around with alcohol markers and watercolor pens. I had just finished another video game inspired piece, Horrible Night to Have a Curse, and decided to try another stab at the Master Sword, using a different medium.

During Covid times, I travelled to Utah for a month, and got time to work on a bunch of new art pieces. Lost in the Woods was the first piece that I completed while enjoying my time, hiking around quite a number of National Parks out west.

About Paul Bielaczyc

Portrait of Paul Bielaczyc

I have been drawing and whatnot since as long as I can remember.  Any spot in my school notebooks that didn’t have notes were filled with sketches. I drew mostly from the D&D adventures that my brother ran, as well as the fantasy books I was reading. I did a few pieces based on Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, but focusing on being a nerd, I didn’t have much time for art in high school.

When I got to college I dual majored in Computer Science and Art History. I minored in Studio Art, and took as many art classes as my schedule allowed. I seemed to be pursuing a career in art or art education, but decided to try graduate school in Computer Science.  I graduated in 2004 with a Master’s in CS, but again switched paths and returned to my art interests. Mike, my brother, and I co-own Aradani Studios, a costuming and art company that we founded in 2002. We travel mostly in the Southeast United States, to various conventions and Renaissance Festivals, selling our art, and our ears.

I currently call Nashville, TN my home, and don’t see that changing for quite some time. This is where my friends, my family, and my career is. When I first posted this bio, I said that, “I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.” Well, in those 4 years that I wrote that, I think I have found my calling. At the age of 26, I won the most prestigious fantasy art award there is, the Chesley Award. Mike and I have slowly but steadily grown this business into something that now employs other people! And most importantly, I love what I do, and I truly enjoy being able to talk about my art with people, and have a dialogue with them.

And I owe all of this to my brother. Without him, I don’t know where I would be today, but it wouldn’t be here. And I hope he always remembers that I am grateful to him.

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