Kaldrath and Myragol

Kaldrath and Myragol by Michael Bielaczyc

Elf and Dragon Art Print Orders fulfilled by Aradani From the Artist This piece is important to me, as it was the first piece I worked on after finishing my mentorship with Todd Lockwood. He helped me learn to paint digitally, transferring my skills from oil paints to computer. This was painting in Corel Painter … Read more

Craven’s Hollow

Craven's Hollow Adventure by Michael Bielaczyc

Craven’s Hollow Art Print RPG Adventure Art Orders fulfilled by Aradani From the Artist SagaBorn 1.5 was released this year and I knew I needed to have a strong campaign to showcase all the changes. And to get people into the campaign you need a good Starter Kit with a cover that sets the theme … Read more

The Adventure Begins

Adventure Begins by Michael Bielaczyc, D&D art

Adventure Begins Art Print RPG Art Orders fulfilled by Aradani From the Artist The Adventure Begins – 16×20, oil on panel. This painting is interior artwork for the Ferryport Adventures. The Goblins of Kaelnor Forest was my second published tabletop adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game 1st Edition. It was meant to be the launch of … Read more

Castle Atheles

Castle Atheles Sagaborn Art by Michael Bielaczyc

Castle Atheles Art Print Orders fulfilled by Aradani From the Artist The ancient ruined castle was built high atop a tall lonely mountain spire. Below the remnants of some sort of gate, its round arches fallen to the effects of time. Who lived there and what purpose the gate served is a mystery. The adventurers … Read more

Elric of Melniboné Art

Elric of Melniboné Art Print 13×19 Print Archival Epson Matte Paper From the Artist Of the influences of current fantasy, few people mention the anti-hero Elric. Elric tales are great, breaking free from earlier fantasy tropes. The fact that he is sickly, “cursed”, and a loner makes him the perfect hero for your teenage years.  … Read more